Park County Combined Courts closed on 7/11/2024

Supreme Court Committees

Alternate Defense CounselChief Justice Boatright
Bail Blue Ribbon CommissionJustice Samour
Board of Law ExaminersJustice Hood and Justice Berkenkotter
Civil Rules CommitteeJustice Gabriel
Colorado Access to Justice CommissionJustice Hart
Colorado Attorneys' Fund for Client ProtectionJustice Hood and Justice Berkenkotter
Colorado Supreme Court Task Force on Lawyer Well-BeingJustice Márquez
Commission on Judicial DisciplineChief Justice Boatright
Continuing Legal Education & Judicial Education CommitteeJustice Hood and Justice Berkenkotter
Court Improvement ProgramJustice Berkenkotter
Judicial Ethics Advisory BoardChief Justice Boatright
Judicial Training CommitteeChief Justice Boatright
Learning CenterJustice Márquez
Model Criminal Jury Instructions CommitteeJustice Samour
Municipal Court Rules of Procedure CommitteeJustice Samour
Office of Dispute Resolution Advisory CommitteeJustice Hart
Our Courts ProgramJustice Gabriel
Pattern Civil Jury Instructions Committee 
Probate Rules CommitteeJustice Gabriel
Probation Advisory CommitteeJustice Hood
Problem Solving Court Advisory CommitteeJustice Hood
Public Access CommitteeJustice Hood
Public Guardian Advisory CommitteeChief Justice Boatright
Rules of Appellate Procedure CommitteeJustice Gabriel
Rules of Criminal Procedure CommitteeJustice Samour
Rules of Evidence CommitteeJustice Samour
Rules of Juvenile Procedure CommitteeJustice Gabriel
Rules of Professional Conduct Standing CommitteeJustice Hood and Justice Berkenkotter
Standing Committee on Family IssuesJustice Hart
Supreme Court Advisory Committee on the Practice of LawJustice Hood and Justice Berkenkotter
Supreme Court Legal Regulation CommitteeJustice Hood and Justice Berkenkotter
Water Court CommitteeJustice Márquez